Dark Sun: Fading Embers

August 24th, 2010

The Veiled Alliance sent the group of adventurers, led by the psion Jidaz, into the desert to find the lost wizard Jorak. The group found itself encamped underneath an overhang, planning their next move, when a sudden sandstorm engulfed them, blinding and disorienting them. Sensing that the storm was not natural, the group prepared for battle just in time as a group of bandits descended on them and attacked. After defeating the bandits, the group decided to follow their trail in hopes that it would lead to jorak. Along the way, the group spotted a lone elf and bartered for information that this same group of bandits had been seen with jorak’s two bodyguards in tow, apparently having captured them. The elf also left instructions on how to cantact him again if they should ever need his help. Hearing this, the group doubled its speed in an attempt to catch up to the bandits and release their captives. The next day, the group stumbled across what was apparently an abandoned campsite, and made an ominous discovery: the eaten remains of one of Jorak’s bodyguards. The group redoubled their efforts to catch up the the captives, hoping that at least Jorak remained alive. The next day the group found Jorak’s other bodyguard, badly injured but alive, and 2 kanks that had been their mounts. Using the kanks to pull their sand skiff, the group quickly made it to the base of the mountain that they felt was the hideout of the bandits. After leaving the skiff and kanks, they made it about halfway up the mountain and found an ankeg lair that seemed to be a perfect place to camp, except for one problem; it was occupied by ankegs! After fighing off the lair’s inhabitants, the group settled down for a much-needed rest.



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