Day by day, grain by grain, the deserts of Athas grow. Like ravenous beasts they consumes all water and life they find. Beneath the burning heat of the crimson sun, the hungry sands cannot be satisfied. They will spread across the world until all that remains is desolate wasteland.

The world is dying. Like the fading embers of a tenacious fire, the people of Athas somehow endure against all odds. Their resources few, their lands unforgiving, their tyrants all-powerful.

In this age of suffering and oppression few have the determination to rise above it all and become heroes. However, those that do could become saviors and champions that Athas so desperately needs. If they can survive and overcome, their world may yet be saved before all that remains is sun-seared ruins.

Fading Embers is a 4e Dark Sun campaign set after the liberation of Tyr, the beginning of a new era; an age of heroes. It follows the story of those few who can rise above the harsh life they know and face the immortal tyrants that have blighted the world before it is too late.

Dark Sun: Fading Embers

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