House Rules

Fading Embers – House Rules

Optional Rules:
The Following optional from the Dark Sun Campaign Setting are being used in this campaign:

  • Wild Talents (p. 81)
  • Armor and Overheating (p. 119)
  • Reckless Breakage (p. 122)
  • Fixed Enhancement Bonuses (p. 209)
  • Alternative Rewards (p. 211)

Actions Points:

One Per Encounter: Characters regain an Action Point after each short rest and no longer gain additional Action Points for a milestone.

Automatic Success: In addition to the standard uses for an Action Point, player characters (and monsters with Action Points) may instead spent an Action Point after failing a dice roll for an attack roll, attribute check, skill check, or saving throw to cause that roll to instead be treated as a success instead. The roll must have been able to succeed for this to be applicable. Meaning that 20 + any bonuses the roll would normally gain meets or exceeds the DC of the task.


Alternate Reward: Characters no longer gain an Action Point from reaching a milestone, instead a character regains the use of an Action Point after each short rest. When reaching a milestone, a character instead regains the use of one Daily power they’ve expended and an additional use of Daily magic item power.

House Rules

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