Dark Sun: Fading Embers

September 7, 2010

After camping the night in the ankeg’s lair, the group continues their way up the mountain in search of Jorak. They soon come to a seemingly unpassable cleft, guarded by blood scarabs. After fighting off the scarabs, the group used the tunnels dug by the small creatures to pass the cleft. They soon made their way to large rocky bowl, open to the sky, that appeared to be the entrance to the bandits hideout. No sooner had the group noticed the stench of defilement in the air then they were attacked by several zombies. The groupo handily defeated the zombies, but were uneasy. Clearly there was more to this than a simple kidnapping. The group entered the hideout, to find what appeared to be Jorak, with a young girl nailed to a tree of life, performing some unknown ritual. The group soon found that Jorak was protected by a magical wall, that seemed to be powered by a circle of defilement. The group destroyed the circle, and then sent the mad wizard to his grave. They then stabilized the girl, who appeared to be something other than human, and decided to take her back to Raam to let the council decide what to do with her, and to try and discover why Jorak went mad.



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